The Southeast Asian Consortium On Sexuality , And Health gender-sensitive approaches in sexuality and health research, policies and interventions
Consortium Members

The Consortium includes core and associate member institutions. The Consortium members, all leading academic and non-governmental institutions in the field of sexual and reproductive health, are:

Core Members

Gadjah Mada University(Center for Populations and Policy Studies)
- Prof. Dr. Muhadjir Darwin
- Dr. Dewi Haryani Susilastuti


Hanoi Medical University (Center for Research on AIDS and Society)
- Dr. Le Minh Giang


Mahidol University (Center for Health Policy Studies)
- Dr. Pimpawun Boonmongkon


University of Indonesia (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences)
- Irwan M. Hidayana


University of the Philippines (College of Social Sciences and Philosophy)
- Dr. Michael L. Tan
- Dr. Soledad Dalisay


University of Health Sciences (Postgraduate Studies and Research Department)
- Dr. Vanphanom Sychareun

Associate Member

Center for Creative Intiatives in Health and Population
- Dr. Hoang Tu Anh

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