The Southeast Asian Consortium On Sexuality , And Health gender-sensitive approaches in sexuality and health research, policies and interventions
 Research -> Multi-Country Research Project: Men Searching for Sex: Cross- Border Sexual Relations in Greater Southeast Asian Countries  

   Gadjah Mada University, on behalf of the Consortium, has conducted a regional research on cross-border mobility and sexual exploitation in the Greater Southeast Asia. This research was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, involving in-country researchers from six countries namely Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.
   Cross-border mobility in Southeast Asian countries has become more intense as the region undergoes a major shift toward more integrated economies. The flow of people takes various forms and purposes, and produce economic, social, and political consequences. Sexuality is an issue related to cross-border mobility that needs more attention. This is because workers and other visitors, especially men from countries in this region, who cross the borders, will possibly engage in sexual relations with people of the countries they visit. This research focuses on the demand side of casual sex, especially the male perspective representing the role of mobile males in searching and building sexual relations with local people. The research findings depict various forms and complexities of cross-border sexual relations

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