The Southeast Asian Consortium On Sexuality , And Health gender-sensitive approaches in sexuality and health research, policies and interventions
 Translation Series
   Thai Sex Talk 
The Thai language has extraordinarily rich, varied, and multi-leveled vocabularies for sexual anatomy, sexual behaviors, sexual identities, and attitudes to sexuality. The authors of this in-depth study of twenty-one keywords deal directly and unflinchingly with the language of sex in Thailand in all its raw, sometimes humorous, and often derogatory immediacy. The registers of spoken Thai (phasa phut), the language of the marketplace (phasa talat), as well as official discourse (phasa ratchakan), literary usages (phasa khian), and technical and academic vocabularies (phasa wichakan) are all covered.
Luto NG DIYOS (A FEAST FROM GOD) The Life Stories of Husbands and Wives is authored by Grace Aguiling-Dalisay, Roberto Mendoza, John Benedict Santos, Anita Echevarria. This book features thirty (30) stories based on the experiences of fifteen (15) pairs of married couple who agreed to participate in the importance of the notion of caring in the life of the contemporary Filipino married couples. The stories may be a mirror of the various challenges as well as adjustment that may also be experienced by couples who live in the same milieus as the fifteen couples described here.
   Sexuality in China 
Sexuality in China is authored by Professor Pan Suiming, a renowned Chinese sexologist who has been well recognized for his 20 years of work in “sociology and sexuality.” Prof. Suiming takes a critical view of everyday practices, and his interpretation of these practices brings new insights into how sexuality is integrated into, and affected by, all aspects of life.
   Talk About Sexuality in Thailand 
Talk About Sexuality in Thailand, is authored by Professor Nithi Aeusrivongse, one of the most prominent historians and philosophers in Thailand. The selected articles by Prof. Aeusrivongse situate a wide range of issues related to gender and sexuality in the Thai context and provide reflection on topics of high interest to a broad segment of Thai society.